Sports and fitness have always been at the core of my journey. From a young age, I engaged in vigorous training in the performing arts and later earned a scholarship to study at the prestigious Performers College, which led to 10 years of worldwide performances as a Professional Dancer.

I performed in theatre shows in the US & Asia, danced at illustrious events throughout Europe, and traveled the world performing on cruise ships. My dance career was demanding and competitive, and to avoid burnout, I turned to Yoga and Meditation to support my professional training. I realised the immense benefits of yoga in improving my fitness, preventing injuries, and promoting recovery. Combined with meditation, I discovered the significance of a healthy mind in harmony with a healthy body.

In 2021, I relocated to Singapore to run a dance studio alongside performing. I have always had a passion for teaching and sharing my passion with others, a quality I treasure from my mum who was the most inspiring teacher and role model. I heartbreakingly lost my mum very unexpectedly in 2022 and realised life was too short to not do it all!  This realisation led me to Bali, where I underwent training as a Yoga Teacher, alongside studying breathwork and meditation. I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2022 and have been sharing my love for Yoga ever since.

Upon returning from Singapore in 2023, my aim was to delve into all aspects of health and fitness to better support my own practice and extend this knowledge to others. I attained my Level 2 & 3 Personal Training qualifications and also earned a Level 3 qualification in Nutrition for Physical Activity.

My purpose is to live each day with intention, and my passion lies in guiding you to do the same. There is always more to learn, as life offers an endless array of adventures. My current goal is to share some of those invaluable lessons and adventures with you!